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Welcome to the Art Room here at John F. Kennedy Middle School, located in Cheektowaga-Sloan School District.


Students in grades 6th, 7th, and 8th grades take Art for one semester, every other day as part of their required time in Special Areas classes.  If your student does not have Art on their schedule for Term 1, then they will be scheduled to have it during Term 2.


Students at the Middle School level get to build on their existing foundation of creating Art from the Elementary level while incorporating more Art History, Art Criticism, and discussion about different Art Careers.  This is an exciting time for me to work with the students.  They are curious about working with new materials and are capable of putting thoughtful responses together about Art and the process of Art-making.  Students will learn how Math and Science are integral parts of creating types of Artwork and they will also be able to draw connections between Artists and their societies.  Art at this level is an outstanding way for students to express their thoughts, emotions and ideas in a positive manner.  


I encourage students to contribute to the positive atmosphere of our Art Room.  I have three "Great Expectations" that students must follow through on:

1.  Safe: with all materials and supplies.

2.  Responsible: for your artwork, your set-up and clean-up.

3.  Respectful: of the work created here, yourselves, and most importantly, each other.


Students are graded in the following criteria for Art:

1. 75% project grades (each project will have specific Rubrics).

2. 10% Prepared (have a pencil for every class).

3. 10% Participation (classroom critiques and discussions).

4. 5% Attitude 


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